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Gather resources and bring them back to your nest
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Pocket Ants Mod Apk is an altered version of the game originally released. The gameplay in both versions is the same. It has all the features of the traditional version, but with a similar graphic and an easy-to-use interface. The mod APK version from our site absolutely free of charge.

Pocket Ants Mod Apk

There are some modifications that have been made in the mod version such as ads free environment, premium tools for free including unlimited purple gems unlimited leaves, various Pheromones, and more. These features are more secure and exciting as compared to the initial version.

Overview Pocket Ants Mod Apk

A Pocket Ants Mod Apk game that you can play for free and doesn’t require root to do so. It is available for Downloading Pocket Ants Mod Apk Android devices with different versions of the Google Play Store, including the latest Play Store like 4.1 and above. The size depends on your device’s screen resolution and quality setting, as well as the speed of your internet connection. Getting all the texture files onto your device can be tricky.

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We have compiled the specific downloads that you need over here! Downloads of this game are more likely to be slow due to their high level of modification progress or your current internet connection speed.

Key Features

  1. Gather resources and bring them back to your nest
  2. Improve your nest chambers for extra bonuses
  3. Feed your queen ant and breed worker and soldier ants.
  4. Defeat and capture other creatures and make them join your army.
  5. Collect all the creatures and make them stronger
  6. Raid other players’ colonies for resources and bonus items.
  7. Defend resources from enemy ants.
  8. Defeat the red ant colony every day for extra items.
  9. Recruit other players to join your clan.

Inhabitants of an ant colony

The main purpose that is primary goal of Pocket Ants is to create your own ant colony. The colony is divided into various chambers. All the Ants, including the Queen ants, players workers, ants, and soldier ants are there and carry out their tasks.

Different Chambers

In the ant colony, there are nine chambers. Each one has its own significance and requirements. These chambers are for food processing leaves storage seeds storage and body parts storage room for a nursery, queen’s chamber honeydew chamber, and resin chamber.

Worker Ants Colony

Once a new and has been born, a particular task is given to the. There are many workers in the colony, each working on their task. Their job is to feed the queen, and collect things like seeds, leaves as well as body parts, and resins from trees. 

Enemy Ants

When playing Pocket Ants, you will confront ants from different species that are out to take your life. Particularly the red ants they could take your life. In addition, the ants in various colonies are your enemies, and you have to combat them to keep your colony safe.

Body of an ant

When playing this video game you’ll be able to modify your ants in accordance with your personal style. You can alter their entire appearance, color, and size to make their appearance more frightening and dangerous. To make sure that everyone knows the colony to which they belong.

Currency and Reward

Purple gems are the currency and reward in the game. If you successfully complete a task, you will receive a purple gem. With it, you can acquire amazing items, including creature skins, and skins, honeydews, fungus, strawberry shields, and battle tokens. You can purchase these items using real money too.

Pocket Ants Mod Apk

Capture various terrifying creatures

To build an army of strength, you must capture various terrifying creatures. Ants will bring them to the creature’s cave and then tame them until they can be part of your army. There are grasshoppers, crabs as well as spiders, termites, as well as many other insects. To be able to get the golden creatures, you have to raise your level.

Combat Mode

The combat mode of the game lets you fight other players in the game. Your ants and creatures combat against their troops. If you win you get different resources including pheromones. These are resources that allow you to build your army and also purchase different things.

The Daily Challenge and Quest

There are a variety of daily challenges and quests that you must complete to receive different rewards. The challenges you take on help create your own colony. There’s a quest book available to describe each challenge along with its benefits.


The world is full of millions of Pocket Ants players all over the globe. When you compete against any of them or take part in a contest, you earn an entry on the leaderboard based on your performance. The leaderboards have five versions that are available comprising platinum, diamond, silver, gold, and bronze.


The game provides two kinds of controls. One is with a joystick while the other uses your phone’s accelerometer. You can decide which is the best one for you by navigating the options. 


One of the most striking advantages of the mod apk game is that it provides the best tools available in the game for free use and use. There are packs of purple gems which require real money to play the actual game. They are available in an unlimited quantity in the mod app game.


Similar to other games There are a variety of useful resources that are also accessible within this one. This includes purple gems, seeds, leaves, honeydew resins, pheromones and. With the mod apk version, you have access to all of these resources for free without spending any money or even completing any missions.


A pop-up ad or video during the play of an engaging game disrupts the game’s rhythm. This is the most significant issue with Apk versions of games. In the new Apk version, users get an uncluttered interface free of any ads or interruptions.

How To Download And Install APK Game

A Few Steps Given Below to Download

  • Click the download button above given on our website.
  • You can click this link right here to download the file automatically. ( depended on your internet connection strength or App size)
  • Once the download has been completed, the product will automatically be placed in a dedicated folder. 
  • Now you can use the downloaded file by opening your download folder and implementing it.

A Few Steps Given Below to Install

  • Now that the app file for your favorite app has arrived, you can start the installation.
  • Now that you’ve downloaded the APK, we recommend going to your Downloads folder.
  • Installing your device may take a few moments. Double-click it to open and install.
  • Go to your device setting first, remove Unknown sources, then click and open.
  • Once you’ve double-checked that the installation was successful, click Open.
  • It would help if you allowed other applications on this device that want access. Tap Allow.
  • Enjoy all the features and resources. Thanks

Pocket Ants Mod Apk


Can we play the Pocket Ants Mod Apk on PC?

If you are looking for a way to install APKs on your Windows, you could get the job done efficiently with an Android Emulator. There are some drawbacks, though, so it isn’t ideal. Arcwelder is also a great plug-in that can be used to play games to enhance the usage of your Windows devices. The overall rated characters for the app are positive because of its simple and easy-to-use interface. Arcwelder for Chrome is available for people who prefer mobile platforms over PCs, as it runs Android apps directly from the Chrome browser on PCs.

Is pocket Ants Mod Apk Safe to Download On our Website?

If a user wishes to download the app from Modapkme, upon confirming that it’s safe, we verify that it’s safe by uploading it with Google Play. While we used to display this information on the relevant pages of our website when we verified an app, we now use this embed code for displaying the “Verified and Safe” message:

Is It Safe to Use Pocket Ants Mod Apk?

An APK file is an official app, but it’s not alive until it has been downloaded and used by users. To make a good impression among the crowd, you should consider using APKs just like businesses do! It can save space on your phone because they are compressed while allowing you to install apps that aren’t available in Google Play Store


Pocket Ants is a fun and engaging game that lets players construct their own ant colony. It has many amazing and unique features. It is a great way to learn about ants, including how they interact and support one another. Battle mode is exciting and exciting. The army you control is crafted and commanded by you in order to defeat your foes. You’ll surely have fun playing this game, and building several chambers in the colony.



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