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MaskGun Mod Apk Join the FPS PVP shooting game with 40+ weapon customizations, awesome maps, custom characters and brand-new 1v1 mode.
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MaskGun MOD Apk is a free online multiplayer FPS shooting game for all mobile devices that runs in real time. Bring your friends to join you in this fun shooter with simple controls. Ask your characters to join you after they reach a certain level. There are many mods of apk mod versions available in the market, but there is only a few working version this version is one of them.

MaskGun MOD Apk

This is a fun game where you can choose from dozens of different characters and weapons. The aim is to destroy all the enemies and get as far as possible. This is a fast paced action game with an addictive multiplayer mode.

Download  Story MaskGun Mod Apk

MaskGun is a free-to-play first person shooter game. The game has a wide variety of weapons and maps to choose from. It is a multiplayer game and requires an internet connection to play. The game supports both single player and multiplayer modes. Players are able to unlock new weapons and accessories by playing the game.

This is a mod for Clash of Clans. The mod is a VIP system which allows you to be a VIP in your clan. It also gives you better rewards and faster progression. You can use the mod in both iOS and Android versions. The mod is now supported on Android 5.0 and higher.

There are a lot of new features that have been added to the game in the latest update, including the online mode. In addition to earning points and coins, you can also use these in story mode to complete levels. Coins are available for purchase to buy new items such as characters, guns, ammo, and armor.


A MaskGun Mod Apk game that you can play for free and doesn’t require root to do so. It is available for Downloading MaskGun Mod Apk Android devices with different versions of the Google Play Store, including the latest Play Store like 4.1 and above. The size depends on your device’s screen resolution and quality setting, as well as the speed of your internet connection. Getting all the texture files onto your device can be tricky. We have compiled the specific downloads that you need over here! Downloads of this game are more likely to be slow due to their high level of modification progress or your current internet connection speed.


Spectacular FPS PVP shooting game modes for you:

Team Deathmatch: Invite your squad and combat against other teams for a winner takes all team deathmatch. Be tactical and strategic or go on a rampage to reach the kill target. A good team has several roles with different guns, be a sniper or run with stealth, use pistols/SMGs or assault rifles, stand your ground when it is your call of duty. FPS gun game you need to try!


An exciting 5v5 & 1v1 modern combat for all levels of shooters with varied choice of weapons including snipers, pistols and shotguns. You can play together with your gangster friends or challenge one of them for a standoff. In this free fire max mode, new players can quickly integrate into the easy-to-play PVP FPS with a quick tutorial. Engage in some friendly banter with Voice Chat in 1v1 Private Matches or see your friends in action with the Spectate Mode feature, exclusively unlocked for the much popular 1v1 Private Matches.

Control point

Capture & control three objectives on the map to earn points. This unique PVP shooting game challenges your strategy and adaptation of new tactics to closely win the game. Use sniper 3d or pistol weapons with your gangster buddies on the battleground to get an edge over others.

MaskGun MOD Apk

MaskGun prefer to team up

We know that some people want to play solo, and others prefer to team up with friends. So we created a version of the game that allows players to play alone or with friends on the same device. We also provide a version that allows players to play with other players on the internet. This version is called “multiplayer” because it allows you to play against another player from anywhere in the world.

Free Real-time shooting

With the MaskGun mod apk, you can change almost everything, from your mask’s texture, to its color, to its shape, to even its appearance.

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MaskGun Free Real-time is a free-to-play FPS shooting game with real-time multiplayer that can be played on any device with an internet connection. It can be played on Android, iOS and Windows devices. The game features easy controls, auto firing modes and more.

Weapon customizations

Join the FPS PVP shooting game with 40+ weapon customizations, awesome maps, custom characters and brand-new 1v1 mode.
MaskGun is a real-time free online PVP FPS shooting game built for all mobile devices . Take the challenge, upgrade your characters, invite your friends who love gun games with easy controls and auto-shooting.

Different characters

Choose from a range of different characters like gangsters, secret agents, snipers, mobile legends, etc. You are in complete control in this fps gun game. Go on a rampage, combat with your friends with mad pistols and weapons upgrades unique to the modern combat warfare setting. We add new maps all the time – it is your call of duty to fight and protect your squad. Be a shooter, be a leader!
In MaskGun you can play tactical 5v5 shooting games such as team deathmatch, Rumble, and Control point. You can also challenge your friends for a standoff in an exclusive 1v1 match, now available with Voice Chat and Spectator

Enjoy the free & immersive PVP FPS gun games with features such as:

  •  Simple and Easy to Learn Shooter Controls: Get started quickly with auto-shooting.
  • Over 40 Modern Combat Guns: Choose your own shooting tactics for battle: sniper, shotgun, machine gun, pistol, or assault rifles Nine Maps including Yard, Ryokan, Downtown, Airport, Courtyard, Mayan, Blizzard, Favela, and LightHouse
  • Real-Time Friends System: Recruit friends and play with them when they are online in a PVP mode
  • Exclusive 1v1 mode: Challenge your friends or other global shooters for a standoff in 1v1 and test your true shooter skills. Rank up the leaderboard and earn Gold for every win.
  • Missions and Achievements: Complete missions and achievements to Level Up and Unlock content. Get VIP to boost rewards and progression
  • Player Gear Customization: Customize your shooter character using a variety of equipment, masks, armor, and gear. Choose from a variety of guns including sniper 3d, shotgun, pistol etc. Pick a character that suits your personality like gangsters, mobile legends, or fun female agents.
  •  Free to Play: Play as much as you want, no energy system like in other gun games
  • Updated Regularly: New Content, Modes & Maps are being added every month to ensure endless PvP action!
  •  Global Clan Competitions: Participate in Clan Events with players worldwide. Can your clan dominate and be competitive with globally playing clans?

MaskGun MOD Apk

How To Download And Install APK Game

A Few Steps Given Below to Download

  • Click the download button above given on our website.
  • You can click this link right here to download the file automatically. ( depended on your internet connection strength or App size)
  • Once the download has been completed, the product will automatically be placed in a dedicated folder. 
  • Now you can use the downloaded file by opening your download folder and implementing it.

A Few Steps Given Below to Install

  • Now that the app file for your favorite app has arrived, you can start the installation.
  • Now that you’ve downloaded the APK, we recommend going to your Downloads folder.
  • Installing your device may take a few moments. Double-click it to open and install.
  • Go to your device setting first, remove Unknown sources, then click and open.
  • Once you’ve double-checked that the installation was successful, click Open.
  • It would help if you allowed other applications on this device that want access. Tap Allow.
  • Enjoy all the features and resources. Thanks


Can we play the MaskGun Mod Apk on PC?

If you are looking for a way to install APKs on your Windows, one could get the job done efficiently with an Android Emulator. There are some drawbacks, though, so it isn’t ideal. Arcwelder is also a great plug-in that can be used to play games to enhance the usage of your Windows devices. The overall rated characters for the app are positive because of its simple and easy-to-use interface. Arcwelder for Chrome is available for people who prefer mobile platforms over PCs, as it runs Android apps directly from the Chrome browser on PCs.

MaskGun Mod Apk is Safe to Download On our Website?

If a user wishes to download the app from Modapkme, upon confirming that it’s safe, we verify that it’s safe by uploading it with Google Play. While we used to display this information on the relevant pages of our website when we verified an app, we now use this embed code for displaying the “Verified and Safe” message:

Is It Safe to Use MaskGun Mod Apk Latest Version?

An APK file is an official app, but it’s not alive until it has been downloaded and used by users. To make a good impression among the crowd, you should consider using APKs just like businesses do! It can save space on your phone because they are compressed while allowing you to install apps that aren’t available in Google Play Store


New players can enjoy the easy-to-learn controls and simple game play without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. They can also choose from different maps to play on, and can even join a game with their friends. Powered by the latest technology, this application is designed to help you find your way around the city. The app contains the most current bus, tram, and train schedules, as well as information about the nearest restaurants, shopping centers, and hotels. Elaborate:

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What's new

July 2022 Update - More Rewards, More Game Modes
Higher 1v1 Rewards - Feeling confident? Increase your winning stakes now by wagering against your opponents in 1v1 mode.
Introducing 2v2 Mode - We heard you! Now Take on the world with your friend in the All New 2v2 mode. Team Up to Rank Up.
Smoother Game Experience - New UI improvements, performances updates especially for lower end devices.
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