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FamiSafe Mod Apk is a family app that can help you manage what your kids are up to on their digital devices, both online and offline.
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FamiSafe Mod Apk is a family app that can help you manage what your kids are up to on their digital devices, both online and offline. It will show you where they are located with the help of real-time GPS, monitor their various apps for any suspicious or alarming communications, and will also control which apps they have access to so that you can limit their time spent on social media. FamiSafe Mod Apk has many features including device tracking (GPS), website filtering (intrusion prevention based on SafeGuard algorithm), game blocking, a 2-step verification process, account protection for all family members via one master password, etc. Mega Mod Apk

FamiSafe Mod Apk
FamiSafe Mod Apk


If you want to try an app that lets your child learn while they play, then install the FamiSafe app. This FamiSafe Mod Apk alternative is designed by a reputable developer who cares about the safety of children using their apps. The app belongs to a premium version called FamiSafe Jr for Kids that was developed for kids aged 5 and under (but children older than this can still use it too). One of the best things about this alternative is that it is free, but if you would like to benefit from premium features, you can unlock them via in-app purchase. Project QT Mod Apk

Using mobile setup

Children can get into a lot of trouble by making the types of mistakes that they don’t even realize they’re making. Parents are responsible for ensuring their children are protected against malicious elements online and need to be sensitive to what their children are up to. Installing FamiSafe Mod Apk is a great start! There’s nothing wrong with trying out new things, but sometimes it may also mean avoiding them entirely if necessary on occasion, which is why you’ll find all kinds of options available in FamiSafe. For instance, if Facebook is not really something you approve of for your child or teenager for any reason, then we give you the option to block them from accessing it at all from the application settings page without upsetting them. You can create time limits and discover web browsing habits and much more by using them effectively.

Tracking via GPS

There’s an application called FamiSafe that was created to be invaluable to any parent. Who has a child or children with smart devices? This app allows you to keep track of your kid (s) where they are by monitoring their locations. Either through real-time tracking via GPS, or in the form of a digital map. You won’t have to worry about letting them out on their own because you can check upon them.

If there ever accidentally go somewhere they aren’t supposed to go! One good thing about this product is that it helps you create alerts for false alarms, making sure. That your kids really do stop and get home safe. And not only does it help parents know. Where their kids are, but it also doubles as a safety tool for both parents and children because kids can ask their parents for help. If they need one when traveling far away.

FamiSafe Mod Apk
FamiSafe Mod Apk

Block malicious apps and websites

With texting and online calling apps, your child may be in danger of connecting with strangers, making friends with people they don’t know, and chatting with others. Who enter the private chats that they don’t want to. But you can make sure your child’s phone is protected from other people reaching out to them on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook by using software blocking tools. This will let them use the Internet safely without coming into contact with or having to deal with unwanted adult attention or harassment due to predators lurking.  Webtoon Mod Apk

More Features

The latest version of FamiSafe – a top-rated parental control app for Android. With over 1 million active users -can now be installed on any Android device. That has at least 4.4 KitKat installed and is ready to stop your kids from accessing age-inappropriate content! Get it today on the Google Play Store

  • It’s important to take caution of the impact the internet may have on your younger children.
  •  After all, from a young age, most people are already exposed to technologies like smartphones and tablets.
  • Too much screen time without proper guidance can damage their overall development and be detrimental to their future happiness (source).
  • It’s well known that teens tend to find new ways to bypass these parental controls.
  • So it’s important to discuss regularly with them what they do online so you know if they’re safe and happy.
  • There are many advantages to using a service like this one as opposed to other alternatives. Such as installing software on each device in question separately. It is easy to use, has no bandwidth limits, and there are no limitations or in-app purchases!
FamiSafe Mod Apk

Some extra Fami Safe mod apk features

  • First of all, we want to thank you for choosing to use our revolutionary child tracking and monitoring app.
  •  As technology advances, the lines between what is and isn’t acceptable.
  •  when it comes to monitoring or staying in touch with our loved ones becomes increasingly blurry.
  •  Not only will it help keep track of the kids, but you’ll receive alerts on their safety! 
  • By simply logging on to your phone or web account, you can get updates on the go from anywhere


Did you know that an easy way to protect kids when they’re online is by installing FamiSafe? Some things that a parent doesn’t want to see happen online. If kids send out threatening or violent messages, so this app helps you keep track of your children’s activities. You can also use it to make sure your kids are not downloading harmful things onto their phones and tablets.



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