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Current Version 2.15.3

Archery Bird Hunter Mod Apk is a popular action game that you can download on our website with a great and realistic graphics and Unlimited money
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Nov 8, 2022
Current Version 2.15.3
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Archery Bird Hunter Mod Apk is a full version sport for cell phones which was earlier not accessible on smartphones, nevertheless AH essentially contains the phrase Chicken nonetheless it additionally accommodates Deer and Ducks the place you get to hunt the birds and the seize them out of their hiding areas. War Machines Mod Apk

Make certain you select your weapon correctly that may assist you in overbearing opposition. Have a number of arrows to shoot in clump with logic otherwise issues will get dangerous! Aside from that this game can be very well made as an archery two-dimensional sport with an excellent color scheme.

We are making an attempt to give attention to any/every recreation builder who wishes us to make a parody of their recreation. So make sure you contact us by way of our website or Facebook for your recreation being parodied by us.

Archery Bird Hunter Mod Apk

We’ve got added some new game mechanics to help make the process of collecting as rewarding as possible! The explosion when an “Explosive Arrow” is launched on the birds will now burn any that it hits and cause other nearby birds to fly away in fear! We have also added a burning “Arrow” pickup for users who want to trigger the explosion themselves, for those feeling extra adventurous.

In order to prevent multiple Exploding Arrows from hitting each other too easily, we’ve included a short warm-up delay after triggering before another Exploding Arrow can be launched.

You can also get your hands on a terrifying “Immolation Horse” that comes complete with its own flaming arrows, allowing you to freely collect cash pickups and even trigger the powerful explosion instantly. Be warned though, as picking up too many exploding arrows can lead to a fiery ending for you and your horse pretty quick!


According to Archery Bird Hunter Mod Apk instruction, there are three target games: first stage, second stage, and third stage. The first game takes place in the forest; birds are perched above trees but the hunting dog is placed under a tree and you need to shoot birds with your bow and arrow.

The second is played in the water area; the duck flies over the water. Try to shoot the time associated with five-ten seconds because the bird will be hiding in the water. While the third game occurs on a charioteer that travels through forests following birds. Super Mechs MOD APK

Archery Bird Hunter Mod Apk is a game of skill in which one attempts to hit a target with a bow and arrow. The bow must be pulled back first and then released so that the arrow points towards the target. Accuracy also matters as one must factor in gravity when releasing the arrow. First-time archer hunter mod apk usually receives some lessons from an instructor or someone more experienced before shooting for real. Archery Bird Hunter Mod Apk can also be done on horseback, but this is less common nowadays.      

Archery Bird Hunter Mod Apk

How to play Archery bird hunter game:

  • Pull back on the bow of your archery equipment: if you release the arrow it will be shot at what you targeted.
  • The further away an item is, the more points it’s worth to shoot at and collect in your inventory.
  • However, some items are hard to access, but it gives a higher number of rewards when hit.
  • In order to score high, collect as many coins as possible then bird hunter 2020 mod apk download.
  • The basic necessities for hunting must be bought using coins collected during gameplay Archery bird hunter game apk download.
  • Hit running prey and this will get you prizes just like knocking over milk bottles in Pac-man!
Archery Bird Hunter Mod Apk


  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All features
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Totally Safe
  • Free Download
  • Unlimited Coin 
  • No, Ads

How To Download

Download and Revaluate go after Birds (MOD, Unlocked All). We provide the best resources to do with paying little mind to what your search is about Archery bird hunter we at all times strive for you to be completely fulfilled. If it’s not sufficient for you then we connect with the best of them in accordance with your search to give you that extra edge.


The best way to get a high score in the archery bird hunter mod is to aim at the bird’s chest. Why is that?

Bird hunting Mod APK is an art and it has been in practice for thousands of years. It is one of the oldest sports in the world. The bow and arrow were invented in 10,000 BC and hence there is an immense experience in this field. Having said that, let us now take the example of archery. There are many reasons for aiming at the chest rather than the head. One of the major reasons is that the chest is the largest part of the bird. A larger target is harder to miss. Moreover, there is only one way of hitting a bird, the top of its head is the narrowest part and hence the least chance of hitting.

Do you think shooting equipment will always be a necessity for archery? 

While it is always advantageous to be the one who has the better shooting equipment. The truth is that there are many ways to get around the need for high-end archery equipment. In fact, you can use a variety of materials to make your own shooting equipment. You can use wooden sticks and other wood pieces to create an affordable bow. You can also use sharpened spikes to create arrows. The point is, that there are several ways you can engage in archery with very little in terms of shooting equipment. Just remember to practice safety at all times!

What is your favorite type of bow or arrow?

A crossbow has a very specific purpose. It is made for short-range use, usually for hunting smaller game. The problem with crossbows is that they require immense skill to use, and the arrows are heavy and difficult to handle. W

hich is why I prefer a recurve bow, even though the recurve is a lot harder to use.



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